Time is the single biggest problem I’m dealing with in my novel. At this time 😉

As a fledgling author, most of the advice I received (from podcasts) said: stick with smaller stories, with one or two point of view (POV) characters, maybe three, at the most.

I have eight POV characters.

The story I’m telling calls for it and I love all eight of the characters, but dang…that advice makes sense now.

It wasn’t a big deal when I was writing all the character arcs individually, or even skipping around, as I sometimes did (and do). But, it’s become a problem now that I’m weaving the stories together. Throw pacing into the mix and, ugh, it’s complicated. For example, I have to:

  1. Make sure the different scenes/POVs line up correctly.
  2. Allow enough time for the characters to get where they need to be
  3. Not have the characters spend days traveling only to arrive, do what they need to in 5 minutes, and then leave again.
  4. Signal the passage of time to the reader in a clear, but relatively subtle way.
  5. Keep the reader interested in what’s coming next.

In Book One, I’m dealing with a roughly two-week period. I had originally called the first event “Day 1” and then counted down to the end day.

But, that’s not working for me. It gets confusing. And if I’m confused, the reader will be hopelessly lost.

What I’m going to do now is count backward from the final event, factoring in travel time & when events need to happen. Then I can re-organize the chapters & scenes and write new ones if needed.

Seems like a plan.





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