So, it worked…

My plan of reverse engineering my timeline worked out pretty well.

I went old school first, printed my outline from Scrivener, taped it together, and figured it all out. Moved a dozen scenes around and identified a dozen new scenes I have to write.

Next step was to organize the Binder (in Scrivener) by days. I made still more changes during that process. Mostly for pacing and continuity.

The novel spans 15 days. Part One (~38K words) is one day. A lot happens. The pace picks up considerably after that.

Having (mostly) solved this time issue, my next problem is with “backstory time.” I’m constantly referencing where Odin’s been for X years, and a war that happened Y years prior, along with other events that happen still farther back.

Right now I just have placeholder timespans in there, but I need to figure it out. In time.



Fantasy author writing a series inspired by Norse myth.