Radio silence

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been knuckling down to get through my revisions.

My first step, as was suggested in 2k to 10k (and detailed in my previous post), I made a scene map. Since I already had done a time line, and kept that organization in my manuscript, it was easy enough to identify some problems.

The major issues are still with Frigg. The latter chapters just didn’t include her enough. It’s been tough figuring out what to do with her b/c she’s the “left behind” character — she’s stuck dealing with the everyday while everyone else is out doing things. For example, Vidar’s fighting in Utgard, Hyrrokin’s on the opposite side watching him. Odin’s off summoning the dead. Vafthrudnir is plotting; Loki is doing what he does best.

So, after some struggles I stumbled into a solution that ties an earlier event (Frigg arbitrating a divorce) directly to an event that interrupts her everyday, boring preparation for the Midwinter festival — which is where the major plotline, and hers, ends. I think it works well, but then I would 🙂


In the process of all that, I added 8K words — bringing my grand total to a whopping 183K. A standard fiction novel is ~80K; a standard fantasy is ~120K. I’m not thrilled about the word count, honestly, b/c I’m worried it’s bloated.

So this morning, rather than write a Frigg scene that I’ve outlined, I ripped apart four Vidar scenes and tweaked two Odin scenes that occur in the first 25% of the book. I streamlined them — removing excess exposition, navel gazing, redundancies and purply prose. In the process, I also fixed a couple timeline issues. Those scenes are better now and, bonus xp, after I was done, the manuscript was a cool 1500 words shorter — dropping me down to the 183K mentioned above.

So, all that’s the reason for radio silence — not enough brain cells to spare =D


Fantasy author writing a series inspired by Norse myth.