It’s away!

My past two weeks have been pretty busy — end of summer, kids went back to school, etc. And, of course, I finished my book’s revision. It is now in my editor’s hands and on her Kindle, so, it’s time for me to put Book One away for a month.

In the meantime, I’m going to:

  1. Take a break.
  2. Look at Book Two
  3. Rip Book Two’s guts out
  4. Create a timeline outline for BK2, then a per-character outline. And make them detailed.

The over-arching plot arcs won’t change — they can’t (certain things happen in Norse myth; those are my signposts). But, there are plenty of other changes to make thanks to this year-long rewrite process.

I first completed BK1 in September 2015. That version was ~145K words. This rewrite (just submitted) clocked in at a cool ~186K words. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’d guess that most of those original ~145K words were rewritten.

So, as I move into revising BK2, my plan is to make it — at most 90-100K words. There are several reasons behind that, but I want it shorter b/c it may be easier to produce.

Writing short can be harder than writing long, but if I break the existing BK2 up into sensible time groupings, then I limit the narrative arc for each book. And that means that what I’m calling BK2 now will eventually be Books 2 thru N.

Ultimately, I want to publish BK2 within one year of BK1’s publication, sooner, if possible. I’d like to ramp up to producing two books per year, but I need to change my process (2K to 10K, better outlining, etc.).

But that’s all for later in the week. For now, at least, there’s some rest for the wicked!



Yes, that bird’s a crow, not a raven.


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