Back in the saddle…

This past weekend I started work on Book Two. Right now, it’s ~121K words long and organized into 5 parts, two of which are short “turning point” scenes in which a major reversal drives the book forward. It’s complete in the same way all first drafts are.

As mentioned previously, I’m going to split the current “BK2” into two separate books. The existing word count justifies it based on what happened on my rewrite of BK1. My guess is that I’ll easily add ~30K words to each half just by:

  1. Improving follow through on events foreshadowed in BK1 as well as additional foreshadowing for events in BK2 and beyond.
  2. Incorporating new/revised plot & character elements that have been developed through rewriting BK1.
  3. Adding more involved character building. Here are several examples:
    1. Widening the rift between Odin and Frigg as they increasingly go head-to-head
    2. Hyrrokin’s arc is in flux as I work on new ways to make her cool(er).
    3. Deeper glimpses into Loki’s motivations as he and other characters interact with his children — particularly his daughter, Hel.
    4. Introducing a new POV character, Hermod, who in my telling is the daughter of Odin and Frigg. She’s young, anxious to prove herself and, in some ways, she’s the counterpart to Hyrrokin.
  4. Adding more world building:
    1. Yesterday I improved on my idea of how the Jotunn’s use of magic differs from how the Aesir use magic.
      1. As a sidenote, I started very like “Sanderson” in my magic system — clear rules that were shown (and sometimes told) to the reader (sometimes referred to as “hard magic”).
      2. Over the past year, I’ve basically thrown a blanket over those rules. It’s all still there, the characters do certain things when they’re using magic and they can “run out” of it, but I’m trying now to focus on the cool of what they’re doing rather than the (added) cool of how they’re doing it.
    2. Movement to more places in the world while also spending more time in those places. One example is Hlidskjalf, the High Seat, which Odin uses to see out over all the worlds. He uses it in BK2; it was fun imagining what that experience would be like. Not happy with it yet, but it’s getting there.

Since I get my editor’s critique back by September’s end, I’m going to use this month to plan, outline, revise…and then do it again. I think I’ll get more out of that than throwing myself into the nitty-gritty of writing/rewriting various scenes, POVs and plotlines. Having a more clearly defined idea of where things end up two novels later will help make BK1 better.


Fantasy author writing a series inspired by Norse myth.