Bloodied hands

So, I’ve begun tearing the entrails from BK2. So much wrong with it. So much horrific writing.

Events that I once thought were organized now seem disjointed and lame. Illogical.

I’ve huge gaps of time — days — in which the main characters are doing nothing. Major stuff went down in BK1 and they’re doing nothing?

Failure of my imagination.

I can see what I did, though. I wrote scenes about the signposts related to specific events in Norse myth. Hermod’s ride into Hel is one example. But while she’s doing that, I have 7 other characters that need to be doing something.

And they are doing things, but none of it seems quite substantive enough…or quite cool enough. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Hyrrokin & Vafthrudnir are riding to Gladsheim. Yawn. Aside from a couple scenes comprised of considerable foreshadowing, their arc is an arrow waiting to strike…in the back 1/4 of BK2.
  • Vidar arrives back in Gladsheim and is given a task by Odin. He doesn’t want to do it, but Odin says it’s important. Odin says he’ll deal with the “stuff” that Vidar feels he himself should be handling.
  • Hodir’s in Gladsheim. He’s not in a good place.
  • Odin and Heimdall are at the High Seat. More talking, but some cool stuff happens. These few scenes also help show what’s going on — b/c Heimdall can see & hear lots of stuff. As can Odin, when he sits down (sight only, though). And he casts his eye far and wide. This  broadens the world to include groups of people that have been mentioned but not dwelt on. Those people (the Alvar and Svartalvar) have their own books (BK4+).
  • Frigg’s in Gladsheim. So far she’s caught Odin doing something really bad and she isn’t happy about it. When she figures out what he actually did, she’s even less happy. All of that deepens the rift between them…which pays off in BK3. But, she needs to be doing other things — important things that are relevant to the plot and her character, but she doesn’t want to be doing b/c she’s tired of ruling alone. And what are those things? I’m slowly grasping my way toward a few good ideas. Slowly.
  • Loki is doing what he does best. And he’s had his first meeting with Odin. I have a draft of what they discuss, but it’s far from perfect. That conversation is a clash of wills, personalities and goals and it needs to be really good and really subtle. Loki’s role crystalizes at the end of BK2…in a gigantic cliffhanger. 🙂

Over the past few days I’ve been going scene by scene, in-book day by in-book day, sketching out events, plots and conflicts (similar to what’s written above) and then finding the gaps, moving things around and/or revising conflicts. I’ve thrown out a half-dozen scenes already; more will follow.

My guess is that following the threads left open in BK1 will help resolve some of what I feel is lacking in BK2. And, frankly, I can’t wait until Oct 1 b/c then I’ll have an outsider’s perspective on what worked and what didn’t in BK1.

But until then my hands will get bloodier still. And afterward, too, I expect.



Fantasy author writing a series inspired by Norse myth.