It’s official…

I now have a publishing company: Fensalir Publishing, LLC.

The abode of Frigg, Fensalir means “Marsh Halls” or, alternatively, “Fen Halls.” In his dictionary Simek writes, “the question whether the name indicates that a cult of springs was associated with the goddess Frigg (Edzardi) must remain unanswered.”

That doesn’t hold for me, though, since in my fictional universe I will absolutely associate a cult of springs with Frigg. Eventually. So much groundwork to lay before I get there.

So, you might be wondering, why did I choose “Fensalir”?

Several reasons:

  • An acronym of my initials, my wife’s, and our kids’ initials didn’t work b/c it didn’t make a pronounceable word.
  • Fensalir has a ring to it that I really like.
  • I was afraid to invoke/use Odin’s name in my company’s name. If you’re wondering why, then read Egil’s Saga. And remember Hamlet’s words.
  • Is Norse w/o having a crazy spelling or sounding really Norse
  • My wife liked it.

Having gotten back my editor’s comments on how I’d made Frigg the central character, hindsight suggests that perhaps the Norns were involved in the selection of my company’s name. Kindly Norns, not the wicked ones we fear.

A corporation is not strictly necessary for a self-published author. I went with one for several reason:

  • Forming one now will avoid/simplify intellectual property concerns should I publish something now and then form a company later — I won’t have to transfer rights from the existing work to the company.
  • It offers some liability protection, but that wasn’t a driving concern since I’m unlikely to get sued. But, hey, in today’s world you never know.
  • Should I ever choose to publish under my real name (Matt Bishop’s a pen name!) and/or become a real publisher by acquiring authors, etc., I’ll have a framework in place should I choose to use it.
  • Financially the LLC offers some benefits (better explained by my accountant), but at this stage I’m not expecting any profits for at least five years (if ever). Some revenue would be nice, though 🙂

In other news, my revisions are progressing and I’m trying to ignore that voice in the back of my head that’s saying “you’re not going to finish by deadline” and “there’s too much to do” and “my god I need to rewrite ALL of this.”




Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Talk to one if you’re thinking about forming a company. I did. Speak to an accountant, too.




Fantasy author writing a series inspired by Norse myth.

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  1. Congratulations Mr. Bishop! Glad the wind is in your sails! This seems to be a huge step for you and it seems to be inspiring your work, or at least that’s what I am getting from reading your post. Still anxiously awaiting that February release date. So “gipta” to you.

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