It’s been 19 days…

Since my last post. Long time. Lotta ground covered between then and now. Proverbially.

With less than two weeks left till my deadline, here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Revised / tweaked Odin’s plot and, hopefully, improved his character arc.
  • Frigg’s plot & character have been adjusted, too, but that’s not quite finished. I’m currently adding a few scenes that introduce her daughter (Hermod) earlier in the book which means I also have to drip Hermod in throughout the book so she doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. She gets a POV in Book 2, so it’s for a cause beyond BK1 alone. I’m also giving Baldr a “save the cat” moment…which is probably too “on the nose” as they say.
  • Hyrrokin’s been ripped out, aside from a couple mentions. Her POV has been taken over by Vafthrudnir’s to the extent it made sense.
  • Having given Vafthrudnir a more active role I’ve been able to shed more light on how the Jotunn approach magic (as compared to the Aesir, Vanir and Alvar).
    • I’ve also introduced a new non-POV character named Keila. She’s a shaman who Vafthrudnir’s taken under his wing. She seemed to write herself as I fleshed out Vaft.
    • I expect Keila will have a role to play moving forward, but I’ve no detailed idea what it’ll be. Stupid subconscious.
  • Vafthrudnir appeared in several scenes along with Loki and the Skrymir. That’s no longer the case, as Vaft’s arc requires him elsewhere. As a result, I’ve been able to tweak about half of Loki’s arc and much of the Skrymir’s (since I was working in those scenes already). Now Loki’s plot is better intertwined with the Jotunn’s plan.
  • Vidar’s also been removed from multiple early-middle scenes. I’ve yet to dive into tweaking his entire plot; but there’s not that much to do there (relatively speaking).
  • When I can’t focus on a particular POV, I’ve jumped around making other changes — mostly stylistic (word usage, phrasing, etc.).

I’ve also been reviewing covers with my illustrator. I rejected his first attempt b/c it was absolutely terrible. His second attempt pretty much nailed it, I think (and a few folks have confirmed it). For me, the whole point of the cover is twofold:

  1. Make a promise to the reader — this is the kinda book you’re gonna get if you click
  2. Be cool enough visually to get the reader to click.

I think (hope/pray) my cover will do that. I may post it when I own it.

Other than providing good direction to my artist, my marketing-/cover-related challenges have been writing the blurb, bio and coming up with a title. All three are really, really tough. It’s sales copy, basically. It’s goal is to deliver on the cover’s visual promise and get the “clicker” to click again–downloading a sample, borrowing it (KU*) or buying it.

So, by Dec 5, 9 am, I have to:

  • Finalize the cover, title, blurb and bio (I may have more time than 2 weeks on this)
  • Finish Frigg’s arc off
  • Tweak Vidar’s arc
  • Go through each & every scene at least once to address tone, continuity, etc., so that the book both reads better and there are no glaring snags. Once the line edit comes back, I’ll be doing all of that again, of course, but writing is rewriting and my goal is perfection…to the extent possible given my burgeoning skills.

When I was writing papers in college all those many (many) winters ago, I knew I was done when just the thought of another rewrite turned my stomach. I’m nearly there now.




* Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited


Fantasy author writing a series inspired by Norse myth.