Plague schmague

The signs of Ragnarok do NOT include a plague. So, we’re in the clear. Right?


Let’s run thru the checklist:

  1. The great coldening of Fimbulvetr. Three winters back to back with no spring/summer in between. But before these back-to-back winters will come three super-severe winters. So far, not a problem.
  2. Laws and morals will break down. Hmmm.
  3. Lack of food: Well?
  4. Lack of toilet paper: Not a sign, but people are STILL buying it all up. I still don’t understand why.
  5. An age of swords and axes; everybody killing each other. Another month of quarantine and we might be there. (I kid.)
  6. The wolves Skoll and Hati capture and eat the moon and sun. Hasn’t happened.
  7. Stars will disappear. Nope. Unless you count smog covering them up. Or a rogue black hole rampages thru the Milky Way (Bifrost?), omg!
  8. Earthquakes, etc. No more than “usual.”
  9. A huge wolf and serpent rising up and wreckin’ sh!t. Not yet. Would be cool to see, though. If it wasn’t near me.
  10. The ship of the dead disgorging zombies upon the earth. Well, if you consider each house a ship, and all of us “zombies” (from being inside…and having to do that for another month)…then, sure, the undead will soon walk the earth.
  11. Fire giants rupture the earth and set fire to everything. If they did, then maybe that’d burn away the virus…but alas, no…or at least not yet?

There is of course more that happens during Ragnarok, but the above pretty much cover the signs of it coming.

And like I said, no plague is mentioned!

So, we’re in the clear. Rest easy. Stay sane.

Would you yet know more? Check out the sources: Prose Edda; Poetic Edda: Voluspa and Vafthruthnismol.


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