Netflix’s Ragnarok, Season 2…

Netflix’s Ragnarok has been renewed. Yay! ‘Course that means I’ll have to renew my Netflix sub 😛 But, I’ve got time — Ragnarok Season 2 won’t be out until sometime in 2021.

The available promo pics suggest that the four kids will again be the main characters. The shadows obviously hint at who they’ll be (are), but for Saxa and Fjor a spear and axe don’t really narrow the possibilities as to which Jotunn they might be. Warriors, sure, but who?

I thought it’d be interesting to share a bit of what I’m hoping for in S2 as well as what character developments might occur. This post will spoil Season 1, so you’ve been warned. Also, see my review/explication of the references to Norse myth in S1 of the series.

Avoid teh /meh

First up, I hope S2 has less teen angst. I get it, it’s gotta be there (target market, I guess?), but please dial it down. Second, don’t try to make a STATEMENT. The story in S1 kinda hung on “evil Jutul wreck environment,” but it felt clunky and ham-fisted. For me, it was the least original and therefore the least interesting part of S1.

Who’s yer daddy

I suspect that Laurits is Vidar’s son:

  1. Turid and Vidar very obviously had something going on
  2. There’s a greater physical similarity between Vidar and Laurits than Laurits and Magne. That casting has to be deliberate.
  3. WTF was up with that weird leaping, contortionist dance Saxa, Fjor and Laurits engaged in. Some primal Jutul/Jotunn thing? Laurits seemed drawn to it while the other students stood around and watched. Was Laurits drawn to it b/c he was interested in Fjor or for some other reason (ie, he’s half-Jotunn/Jutul). Or both.

(It occurs to me that I don’t remember the show explicitly saying that Saxa and Fjor were the “by-blood” daughter and son of Ran and Vidar, though the physical similarities suggest that they are. But, they could just be acting the parts. Anyone remember?)

It’s not him, it’s me

Snorri refers to Vidar as “the silent god,” which is just cool. Snorri gives him other names, too. And in Grimnismol, Vithar’s land is “filled with growing trees | and high-standing grass….” Padraic Colum plays off of these names (here).

Vidar was my initial inspiration when I started writing these Norse myth-influenced books, mostly b/c of the imagery cited above. As Colum tells it, he is the only god in whom Odin confides his secrets. And, Vidar’s main role (as we know it) is to avenge Odin’s death. Vidar also makes it through Ragnarok.

I took this all and, in my story, planned for Vidar to become the new Odin. Not that he’d be the same as Odin was, but he’d be his father’s son in the way Thor was not. To become that, Vidar would have to have a transformational journey which I could return to either as individual stories or as parts of others.

My second series does (will do?) just that; Vidar acts as a patron deity. A least as it’s written now. That may change just as in DGtS and my forthcoming third book, Vidar lost his POV status b/c the story required it.

So, anyway, I had plans for Vidar…which is partly why I find Vidar being the “big bad” so annoying. The other reason is that the writers/producers of Netflix’s Ragnarok must know Norse myth better than I do, so why would they choose such an important name for the bad guy? There are so many other cool Jotunn names to choose.

(Note: It’s not necessarily the case that Aesir = good and Jotunn = bad. It’s more accurate to say Aesir = order and Jotunn = chaos, but even that’s not quite right. In my books I’m trying to make Aesir & Jotunn both conventionally as good and as bad as my meager talents allow…while also incorporating the mythic roots.)


Is there a compelling reason why the writers & producers of the show chose the name Vidar?

Was there a mighty duel (Princess Bride fans rejoice) between father and son? Was that why the big battle happened?

Is that why Odin’s in a motorized wheelchair/scooter? (I wonder if it’s named Sleipnir.)

I’d be okay with a falling out between Odin and Vidar (not that my opinion matters) because the writers/producers would be putting their own twist on the myths rather than appearing to use such a key name out of ignorance.

/end rant

In other names…

I still think that Iman will be the Sif figure. In the myths, Sif is Thor’s wife. Loki cuts off Sif’s black hair. Thor gets angry and makes Loki replace it. Loki goes to the “Sons of Ivaldi” and not only replaces Sif’s hair with tresses of gold, but he brings back other goodies for the Aesir.

In Lokasenna, Loki also says that he and Sif had an affair. But, he said that to most of the women present. Who knows if he was talking sh!t, being truthful and/or saying, obliquely, that he tricked them b/c he’s a shapeshifter.

If Iman is Sif, then alluding to the above or somehow using it could provide some good conflict between the (half) brothers.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Any speculation from other fans of the show?

If you missed my first post on Netflix’s Ragnarok, check it out here. And here’s a more detailed look at who survives Ragnarok, according to the myths.

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